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Mississippi Official Defends Own Comment About 'Woke' Voters

Mississippi's top elections official says he thinks people are doing a “hatchet job” on him over comments he made in a television interview about “woke” and “uninformed” voters on college ...

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Conservation Groups Sue Engineer Corps Over Yazoo Pumps

A coalition of conservation groups is suing the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers over a massive flood-control project in the south Mississippi Delta they say was hastily approved in the ...

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Letter to Biden Says ‘Trump’s Racist Raid’ Caused Damage to Immigrants, He Must Reverse

A letter to President Joe Biden is demanding action to address the plight of immigrant workers in the wake of the August 2019 federal raid of food-processing plants in six ...

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Justices to Hear Mississippi Marijuana Initiative Arguments

The Mississippi Supreme Court is set to hear arguments Wednesday in a lawsuit that challenges the state initiative process and seeks to block development of a medical marijuana program.

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Analysis: Mississippi Unlikely to Ease Its Election Laws

Mississippi legislators imposed no new limits on the election process during their recently ended session, but this state already had some of the strictest voting laws in the U.S.

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‘This Is Not an Entitlement Program’: Ballot Initiative Seeks to Expand Medicaid Coverage

Hundreds of thousands of Mississippians could receive expanded Medicaid coverage from the newly created Ballot Initiative 76, which would expand Medicaid coverage to those under 138% of the federal poverty ...

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Lumumba Wins Mayoral Primary, Two Ward Seats Head to Run-Off on April 27

With 13,735 votes for Mayor Chokwe A. Lumumba in the Democratic mayoral primary on Tuesday, he won the Democratic nomination and heads to the June 8 general election to face ...

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‘Figure Pulled Out of the Sky’: Mayor Swipes at Council for Approving $500,000 for Deputies

Putting $500,000 into the hands of the Hinds County Sheriff's Department to put deputies in the capital city is "fiscally irresponsible," Mayor Chokwe A. Lumumba told the Jackson Free Press ...

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Analysis: Mississippi Capitol Actions Have Real-Life Impact

The first bill legislators passed and the governor signed this year has had an easy-to-see impact. House Bill 1 put the design of the new magnolia-themed state flag into law.

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Parole Reform Passes to Governor’s Desk Amid Murky Future

Accessibility to parole hearings would extend to more inmates across Mississippi’s state prison system if Gov. Tate Reeves signs legislation passed in the state Senate this week.

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Advocates: Put Early Voting Proposal on Mississippi Ballot

Democratic state lawmaker Hester Jackson McCray is leading a group of activists who want to amend the Mississippi Constitution to create a broad system of early, in-person voting.

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Pay Raises, Yes; Tax Changes, No: Mississippi Session Ends

Mississippi legislators ended their 2021 session Thursday after agreeing on a teacher pay raise and voting to update parole rules in a state with crowded prisons.

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Mississippi Legislators Wrapping Up Work for 3-Month Session

Mississippi legislators will end their three-month session on Thursday, and that will give Republican Gov. Tate Reeves a few days to sign or veto dozens of bills they passed.

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Mississippi Proposal Would Expand the Possibility of Parole

Mississippi legislators are sending Gov. Tate Reeves a bill that could make more inmates eligible for the possibility of parole in a state one of the highest incarceration rates in ...

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Mississippi: No Extension of Postpartum Medicaid Coverage

An effort to extend postpartum Medicaid coverage has failed in Mississippi, a state with high rates of infant mortality and maternal mortality.


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