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Black Mississippians Suffered 72% of COVID-19 Deaths; Many Tests Don’t Track Race

More than half of all Mississippians currently diagnosed with COVID-19 and nearly three-fourths of the virus’ current casualties are African American, the Mississippi State Department of Health revealed today.

City & County

Lumumba: More COVID-19 Tests, Hazard Pay, Hotels for Infected Residents

The City of Jackson is purchasing 6,000 additional COVID-19 tests for use on first responders and local jail inmates, providing hazard pay to first responders and partnering with a local hotel to offer shelter to people who are infected.


Texissippi Sid, Musical Tones from Two Homes

A veteran to the Jackson music scene, Sid Thompson has been strumming a guitar since the early 1960s.


OPINION: Suspending Housing Costs is a Moral and Economic Imperative

University of Mississippi sociology professor and columnist James M. Thomas writes that Gov. Tate Reeves should do far more to help allay housing costs as workers are forced to stay home to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.


COVID-19 Testing Centers

The Jackson Free Press has gathered a listing of COVID-19 Testing Centers.