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As Mississippi Debates Abortion, Maternal Mortality Remains High

In Mississippi, pregnant women already die at higher rates than in most of the country, and the state is near the top in infant mortality.


USM NASA Research, MSU Tree Campus, Millsaps/UAB Nursing Program

Witold Fuchs, a third-year polymer science doctoral student at the University of Southern Mississippi, is partnering with NASA to design a carbon fiber composite material and test using it to construct hulls for spaceships and satellites.

Person of the Day

Tommy Stevens

College athletes are using a rule the NCAA passed in 2006 that allows players who have graduated to transfer to a different college team. One player to take advantage is former Pennsylvania State University quarterback Tommy Stevens.

Editor's Note

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Joy and Pain of Being A Mississippian

"Anyone with half a brain should see that confronting and defeating the insane misogyny here is a huge step toward lifting Mississippi to higher and more successful ground for all its citizens."


Reporting in on Medicine and Jackson

Jackson's health-care industry is one of the area's largest employers. So many new things happen in it each year that it's hard to keep up with.

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